Swedish massage

Swedish massage

Swedish massage

Swedish massage

Usually rest and relaxation massage is a type commonly used method with the fresh start the day in the body or to escape from daily fatigue and boredom of life. Here the important thing is to ensure that people’s enjoyment of the environment and to rahatlatılabilin. West made with technique and is usually a massage is a massage performed using massage oils can be done without the use of lubricant preferences in rare cases. The duration is approximately 60 minutes

Classic massage (Swedish massage) How?

Öfleraj, petrissage, friction, and vibration tapotement including manipulation of a massage with western techniques.

Pat (Öfleraj): Classical massage begins and ends with öflerajl öflerajl. Locally pat, one hand, two hands, fingers or hands can be done with the palms back. If unappropriateness to the arm or thigh massage can be applied with one hand held pat on the back with both hands. And the moon under the feet of the fingers to the hand and fingers öfleraj available. Öfleraj deep pressure is applied to the correct direction of the heart is called deep öfleraj. The pressure is reduced in the opposite direction that the return to the starting point. This is called superficial öfleraj.

Kneading (PETRİSAJ): Petrisaj muscle directly addressed the effective manipulation of a massage. One-handed or two-handed kneading movement can be applied muscle is compressed and stretched. Kas, it is moved in the manner similar to the dough is kneaded. In contrast with Petrisaj pat movement and the tissues beneath the superficial fascia compressed stretch. In this way, stretching the shortened tissue and are aimed opening of adherent tissue. Petrisaj the need to avoid the compression of the deep and superficial tissue to be effective. For this application area decreases the size of the reduced pressure. Petrisaj movements slow, soft and rhythmic texture of the masseur as uygulanms is also important to fully grasp. Petrisajda case pressure is applied intermittently. Omitted depending on the course of action of muscle fibers. However, all the muscles should be stretched and kneaded. Acceleration in the bloodstream allows the removal of residual materials. Kneading movement is extremely effective in the rest of the muscles. Skin hyperemia (redness) are observed. Acceleration in skin blood flow increased flexibility and softening is expected.

Friction: thumb can be done by hand or tip of the whole hand. Circular movements are made by pressure on certain regions. The effect on tissue vary depending on the pressure intensity. The friction applied to hardened skin tissue and skin tissue under the skin is moving on. Deeper in the muscle tissue to be done in order to influence the friction of the pressure should be more. Profound shift in the deep friction massage is undesirable. Hands are superposed to increase the influence of pressure. Fibrostik intramuscular made to distribute nodules. Download a painful manipulation. Intramuscularly can cause bleeding. More friction massage on the back, which is used extensively around the shoulder blade area of ​​the nervous tissue. Friction pressure to be applied in common, but should not be severe enough to disrupt the structure of the tissue. Touch is expected to increase mobility. Hyperemia occurs in practice.

Bumping (TAPOTEMENT): manipulation of a massage for muscular stimulation. For example, the muscles are stimulated with pulses in the preparatory massage before sports activity. In practice hands rhythmically sentenced in that area. Tapotement used in the treatment of diseases other than sports. For example, in order to empty the lungs of secretions postural drainage is applied on the chest. Another way to make the appropriate prosthesis after amputation stump and made of hardened order. Bumping in effect not expected to increase circulation as well as in other massage manipulation. It would be a narrowing of the vessels before and after enlargement. Expected slight increase in muscle tone. Bumping during stretching and contraction of the lips is observed.

Vibration (vibration): Generally, all the more rare palms applied te fingertips. Remains constant over hand wrapping tissue or in a particular direction can be carried out slowly. The tissue is transferred to the vibration frequency is too short. Obtain the most qualified electric massage machine vibration. It has the effect of reducing muscle spasm and pain solvent. Massage is the most important action that can eliminate muscle tension.

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