The mineralized thermal waters and mud of them, bathing, drinking, use of the respiratory tract, as well as climate cure, physical therapy, rehabilitation, mechanotherapy, physical training, massage, physiotherapy, diet and so on. the curing applications created by combining side spa treatment at health facilities where experts are called in physician supervision.
Where the mineral water to its source in the face Kaynarja, also to benefit from the facilities built around the thermal water spa or spa madensularından overall. Spa baths and drinking cures are yaralanılmadığını with water. Which it is also called the hot springs used as drinking cure by drinking.
The origin of the thermal water spa on terms derived from the granting bath “covered spa” is a term
Rheumatism in
1. Inflammatory “Rheumatism (Arthritis): fever, pain in the joints, swelling, redness and movement difficulties, fatigue, manifests itself in the form of anorexia. Affect the heart and nervous system; is a disease in children and in adults. There are ardent and tranquil circuits. Instead of bed rest and medication treatment of inflammatory spa has been applied. Drug treatment whether the patient survived the fiery positive result after the spa circuit can be recommended as a supportive treatment. In this case, the spa will be seen following benefits:
* Pain in Joints reduced.
* Fire and pulse return to normal.
* Fatigue and lack of appetite ends; patients feel more energetic. * Anemia and blood seen rheumatic symptoms disappear. * New episodes will be disabled.
2 Elderly Rheumatism (osteoarthritis); It usually occurs in men over the age of fifty. The amount has been spent in the past diseased joints or accident. The joints swell and gives a lot of pain during movement. Near the end joint of the finger bone bone growth can be seen. Weight-bearing joints, makes a squeaky sound during movement. In advanced disease; Rest after orthopedic intervention can only be applied to spa treatments and psychotherapy.
After a 3-emerging Diseases Rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis); Usually it occurs in women aged twenty to forty years. Although the exact cause is unknown, because it emerged after an inflammatory disease of women; It is believed to be a type of immune reaction. The small joints of the hands and feet, where it joins the lower jaw bone of the skull, collarbone and sternum pain occurs with swelling in the joints. Consult a doctor if you are waiting for the progression of the disease, spa treatment will give very good results.
4- A resulting tissue injury is rheumatic (fibrosis); Along with joint pain and stiffness are; atherosclerosis in men, fat tends to occur in women. The result is inflammation of connective tissue in the joints and causes stiffness devastated. In the case of patients with progression of appetite, inactivity and eating disorders are seen. Sometimes experience increase in body heat. It was observed that the thermal treatment gave good results.
5. Postoperative resulting in joint stiffness; During several work-related accidents, broken occurred in the drive system, it must be treated with surgery and dents protruding base. Pain in the joints receiving surgical intervention may occur after surgery. This gives very good results in a spa treatment for pain. Caution: Patients diagnosed as having bone tumor spa certainly can not go. Also, nothing to do with rheumatism, bone and joint diseases in spa treatment should not be used in microbial
Diseases of liver and gall bladder
In the beginning cirrhosis, liver inflammation (hepatitis) after treatment, the family jaundice, spa treatments are recommended to prevent the formation of new stones after treatment of gallstones. Gallbladder tenbellig, mineral waters for the treatment of indigestion after emerging from gallbladder surgery gives very good results. Soda and sulphate waters are used in liver and gall bladder disease. Caution: Do not go to the spa in advanced cirrhosis and hepatitis. Will increase bleeding and discharge it is likely to give birth to dangerous consequences.
Among the people, “that blood pressure should enter into hot water” as there is a false belief. Whether you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure whether you can go to the hot springs with complacency. Because of the pressure of the hot mineral water has a magic effect of generating a normal level. Heart palpitations and nervous “can also benefit from blood pressure, which are likewise not hesitate spa. Mineral waters in blood pressure in the arteries connected to give very good results, it expands the heart and blood vessels, increasing the respiratory tissues. This makes it circulation normal. Caution: If the pressure is due to a tumor in the endocrine glands, it is essential to treat patients primarily with drugs. Treatment after giving good results, you can go to the spa to fix the deteriorating balance of the arteries. Patients suffering from heart failure but should benefit from the spa doctor. Balls to be highly effective spa in cardiovascular disease and is known to play a role in the prevention of the formation of varicose veins. Sulfated applied in the form of bicarbonate in drinking and mineral water is good for kidney disease and provide plenty of water removal from the body. Carbon dioxide, warm waters, lowering blood pressure. Accelerate blood circulation. Salty and iodine hot water, drying the inflammation; radioactive hot water also has pain-relieving and calming nerves feature. How much of this amount will be taken during a period of absolute doctor should be consulted. Compensated heart failure, functional circulatory disorders, essential hypertension, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, essential hipontansiyo (especially orthostatic) d. In these diseases are more likely bathroom and climate cycles.
As it applied between the bathroom and drinking cures and people “bitter water”, known as sulfated waters, hopping lose weight by burning more stored fat in the body. Body water and salt accelerates the activity of the kidney assures plenty of discharge. It also removes harmful particles in the blood by promoting liver.
The mineral water has been found to increase the secretion Insel in the body. Insel is to adapt to the body’s sugar. Insulin effects are twofold: 1 increases the switching speed of sugars in the blood tissue. 2. Reduce the speed at which the liver’s blood sugar. Diabetics soda water, is drinking and bathing. The sulphurous waters alone takes the form of a bathroom.
In medical language, “Mikris” signs of the disease called as follows: * It is usually the big toe of his aches and pains suddenly came clear. A bright redness of the fingers is seen. * Then the thumb, other fingers, knee caps, swelling in the wrist and elbow starts with pain. * Patients are mild fever and loss of appetite. * If the disease is untreated chronic. Uric acid crystals in the joints becomes formlessness and accumulation. The accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints that occur in gout only “rheumatism” and should not be confused. The cause is not known but common in extremely malnourished individuals. To remove uric acid from the blood at the beginning of the disease, sulfated water gives very good results. Radioactive water used for the relief of pain in joints. The kidney stone has formed with gout; We recommend the soda water.
Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract
People between the “bitter water” phrase is less sulfate mineral waters, to patients suffering from kidney disease are far better. These waters, reduction of albumin in urine and blood has accumulated poison ejector effect from the body. Also dissolve kidney stones as it hinders the formation of new stones. Sulfated water, on an empty stomach, twice a day, taken one to two cups drunk. Chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis, chronic prostatitis, kidney stones, Functional failure. Cure for such diseases, cures and healing mud are applied mainly.
Bronchial asthma, Aronik bronchitis, allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and pneumoconiosis. These types of diseases are more likely climatherapy.
Eczema, acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, residual chronic urticaria.
Muscle – skeletal disorders are
Degenerative joint diseases (Arthritis), soft tissue rheumatism, some inflammatory rheumatic diseases (such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis), post-orthopedic procedures, post Trauma. In these diseases are more likely to bathing.
Stomach – bowel – Metabolic Diseases
Stomach diseases, diabetes, obesity, gout, liver-gallbladder is functional yetmezlikleri. In this type of disease it is implemented mainly drinking cures and healing mud.
Chronic diseases of the genital organs, vegetative ovarian failure, functional sterility (infertility), post-operative adhesion prophylaxis, Dysmenorrhea, Fluor. In these diseases are more likely cures.
Neurological Diseases
Central and peripheral chronic inflammatory diseases, spinal diseases, traumatic lesions, spastic paralysis, myopathies and neuro, vascular, neurological diseases, stroke rehabilitation, neuro-vegetative dystonia is.
One of the major issues of the spa treatment, it will stay several days in the hospital. Although our nation this time is usually 21 days to 15 days the healing springs. Treatment is done away from drinking since 3 days. Usually three weeks and 21 BATHS be established by the therapeutic effect is the common opinion of experts. On the other hand, considering the special situation, each person should be considered as not being able to keep 21 days in the hospital. The continuation of the spa treatment is inconvenient for a long time. An environment that used to separate the patients with a past life-style discipline and grueling treatment, depression can create mental patients. Patients begin to feel disgust and aversion against drinking and spa. Significant morbidities, duration of treatment, the physician can often adjust the springs. Because each patient’s case is different, it is clear the same time and the same kind of treatment will be applied to all patients. May and September are suitable for spa time.
Duration of treatment in the spa bath:
First bath in the hot springs, to cover a ten minute period was generally accepted. From the second day on weight opinion this period is increased and extended half an hour.
Treatment in SPRING SEASON
Generally speaking, there is no season of spa treatment. But tradition has created a season of it. Rather, people, and time is the most suitable season spring and autumn with its choosing an appropriate time. Rheumatism, neuralgia, and in the summer for diabetes, stomach, intestine, for diseases related to the liver and nervous in the spring and fall twice in the spa treatment is more appropriate mevsimdir.b annually, in May and is not seçilebilir.kaplı of a bath September. Underground water resources with healing powers and a health abroad. Therefore, because of how the gushing water from that source and the hardness of always benefit vardır.ülke our climate from where it is used to learn know and get some of those who went to those places, as well as our people because of the lack of central heating in the hotel every spa, prefers to go mostly in summer the spa. Do not use soap and other cleaners in the hospital. It reduces the effects of the treatment. Enter the pool gradually warm up should remain as still as possible in the water.
The size of the number of elements must be proportional to the size of the facilities and services offered.
All kinds of health-related applications of all spas priority given to the health administration should be under the supervision of trained medical staff in this area. The staff has been studying these applications to be blocked.
All kinds of towels used in spas should be disinfected with chlorine loincloth like materials, should be washed in boiling water, the reverse should be flat ironed.
Especially in the pools you can swim in the pool and spa drain size and drainage safety should be ensured. All kinds of safety should be at the mouth of the suction pipe systems grids.
A bath of hot spring waters or take a shower before entering the consumer must be provided.
Additional connections to the spa installations and repairs must be performed by persons authorized experts considering technical plan of spa installation.
Spa waters, flocculation, filtration, disinfection phase and chemical equilibrium incorrectly applied blur the results that may occur in shallow pools even suffocation risk arttırabilir.b the intended use of the spa unit, first aid intervention in recovery and drowning it should include members who have been trained.
Toilet units, spas, physical infrastructure, the number must comply with the standards by the number of individual users.
Thermal bathing
Close to that of the human body, which is made with mineral waters with a temperature of 35-38 ° C. In general, recommended a bathtub filled with thermal water at specific time intervals or entering the pool is carried out. All body made with full bath ball, the kind applied by means of the type applied by entering the water up to waist half bath and shower mechanism in the centers is rich in water resources shower is called.
Thermal steam treatments
In mineral water with temperature above body temperature it is carried out using steam. The mode of administration, usually by inhalation inhale the vapor (inhalation) format. Hot water vapor at the treatment center, through the steam vents in the ceiling or floor treatment delivered to the room. For removal of skin problems of the hot water vapor is reported to be useful.
Drinking cures
Some mineral waters are used for therapeutic purposes as drunk. Drinking this type of treatment administered in the form of mineral water to drink in a certain amount at certain time intervals is called the cure. Details of cure should be determined by a physician skilled in the art. Overall internally this treatment regimen name of the syringe under the skin, mist, sprinkles average, mouthwash, there are also species such as irrigation.
Mud cure
In some areas, the mineral water causes the soil surface to soak the mud receive state. The slurry, although the molten metal is saturated in water. Mud baths, the boarding into the mud or sludge is applied to place the body in the form of the proposed expulsion. This form is melted in the sludge treatment chemicals they act towards the treatment of diseased tissue to infiltrate into the pores of the skin.
Medical; curing applications balneoterapi made with thermal water containing dissolved minerals, hydrotherapy to curing applications made with fresh water, healthy climate and environment in bulunarak made climatic cycles to climatherapy and maritime climate thalassotherapy cures made with sea water, mud bath, mud pack therapy to cure made if, speleozerap to cure applied using caves venues, Heliotherapy name is given to curing applied through the sun. Generally, this type of treatment, medical treatment and physical therapy in thermal recreation center, rehabilitation, mechanotherapy, exercise, psychotherapy, supported by adjunctive therapy such as diet.
The impacts on the people of cycles mentioned above can be grouped under two aspects:
1 – Special effects
2. Overall effects.
Special effects the cure; physical characteristics of the physical aspects of water, temperature, hydrostatic pressure, specific weight, is formed by buoyancy and consequently conductivity. Special effect occurring sources depending on water chemistry, types of mineral water and gas is absorbed by the capacity density and body. In addition, the climate of the place where the spa, features local radiation, air temperature and humidity, pressure, wind characteristics, electrical ion density changes in the course of creating special effects on the body. Also found in vegetation and animal communities because the source of mineral water, water to undergo physical and chemical changes, it can drive a positive or negative result as special effects.
Cure (the medical supervision) the overall effect positive changes constantly and regularly obtained by applying the name given the primary objective of the application is to obtain the effect of this treatment cycles.
The idea of ​​the overall effect;
1. the elimination of the factors causing the disease,
2. Missing completion of
3- routing of organ functions through chemical substances,
4- warning to medical treatment, and the exercise.

















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