Feet to specific pressure points on the soles of the feet, this massage creates an unchangeable part of the Far East and traditional medicine evident is the basis of the principles mirror our bodies are applied. Standing represent certain organs and tissues in the body at all points. Reflexology is a sort of balancing massage oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually as it makes you feel good. The response by the person standing to certain points, it tries to repair problems are detected.

Approximately 30 minutes.

Reflexology foot in all parts of the body, which is corresponding to the reflex points of the organs and systems of the body and the anatomy of these points is an art based on the principle that mirror. Private hands and applied pressure to the reflex points the finger technique, the body functions, leading to physiological changes in the body by reducing stress is a way that people with a sense of relief to get back to normal.

Reflexology massages, including the following were considered to be good for many problems:

Children’s Health

When pneumonia caught reflexology with small children treated with medication applied to just the drug have been shown to heal much faster.
When colitis caught reflexology applied to children 50% reduction in crying time and faster healing it was observed.
Incontinence problem of reflexology in a clinical study performed in 50 children has been found to greatly solve.
Acute leukemia patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy nausea hand massage applied to children, vomiting, rapid heart rate that occurs when anxiety and was found to be effective in relieving high blood pressure problems.
In children with cerebral palsy, a significant improvement compared to those who do not applied to those who have seen reflexology applied.
Foot reflexology applied to mentally retarded children in the neck, weight, health status, applied to those who do not see significant progress in the social and intellectual development was observed reflexology.
Women’s Health

Painful menstruating women 95% of the foot reflexology has been effective.
Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) in women who have 46% of reflexology has been effective.
42 foot reflexology applied to menopausal women, of which 17 ‘side (40.5%) had complete, 20′ side (47.6%) significantly improved, 4 ‘(9.5%) were effective results. It is only one of the ‘receipt of results from patients.
Good Aging

Foot reflexology cancer, aging and increasing the number of beneficial antioxidants while reducing the number of chemicals that damage the structure of the cells has been shown to play a healing role in various diseases.
Foot reflexology has been observed that individuals with high blood cholesterol and high monoglyceride applied in fall.
Applying reflexology individuals suffering from constipation problem has been found to operate normally results in the intestine.
Reflexology has been shown to improve the implementation of the people in the bloodstream.
By improving blood circulation in the foot reflexology provides a more healthy kidneys work.
Walk in Reflexology mats lowers blood pressure, reduces pain.
Patients with neck spasm applied Reflexology has been shown very high rate of recovery.
Painful and irregular digestion of the drug problem in the foot reflexology has been shown to be more effective.
Fatigue, foot reflexology eliminate the side effects of drugs used for ailments such as insomnia and stomach problems has been successful.
Foot reflexology lack of white blood cells (leukopenia) were found to be more effective in removing the drug.
Pain Improvement

Kidney and urinary reflexology reduces pain caused by stones.
% Of patients suffering from toothache reflexology 66 ‘as well as reduce the sınınağrı 26% of eliminates the symptoms.

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