Osteoporosis is Bone Loss WHAT IS OSTEOPOROSIS ?

Osteoporosis is Bone Loss WHAT IS OSTEOPOROSIS ?

Osteoporosis is Bone Loss WHAT IS OSTEOPOROSIS ?

Osteoporosis is Bone Loss WHAT IS OSTEOPOROSIS ?

The first bone in osteoporosis to understand what you need to know is constantly changing living tissue. Calcium and bone tissue in a honeycomb structure filled with mineral resources. Reconstruction of bone occurs throughout life. These bones crumble disappeared (bone destruction) is a process rather than a strong young bone now. Crushing the bone until about age 30 and proceeds faster than the reconstruction process. Thirty years of bone mass is reached and the point where it is strongest. About forty years of age, bone mass starts to decline slowly. After menopause, estrogen (female hormone) due to a decrease in the level of women lose bone rapidly and osteoporosis begins. Next lose almost one third of 5 to 10 years of bone mass. Because it is faster than bone resorption of bone. Weaker bones so fragile that even a small drop of less mass. The first symptom of osteoporosis may fall as a result of a broken bone. This result is due to the decrease in estrogen levels become more fragile bones. In the most hip fractures, which occur in the lumbar spine or wrist. Also particularly so because of the drastic reduction in the amount of bone in the body’s bone mass after menopause osteoporosis human body and the body becomes smaller, shorter lengths. In addition, spinal fractures often result in the loss of height and rounded shoulders.

There is greater risk of osteoporosis than men because women are 20 to 30 percent less than the bones of women than men. In both sexes with increasing age, bone loss increases, and it increases the risk of hip fracture.
















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