Information about Bolu

Information about Bolu

Information about Bolu

Information about Bolu

Information about Bolu
Plenty of woods, lakes, hot springs, mountains and seas that embrace, of course, famous for its beauty, located in Turkey’s western Black Sea province. Sakarya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Ankara and Çankırı is surrounded by the province 45 ° 15 ‘and 41 ° 05′ north latitude and 39 ° 29 ‘and 32 ° 37′ is located between east longitude.
oğraf Position
East of Bolu, Çankırı, northeast of Karabük, Zonguldak and Karadeniz north, west Düzce, located south of Ankara.

Mountains: 56% of the province’s territory covers the. l southwest – Bolu Mountains in northeast direction; The highest point of 1980 m. with Çele Peak, and Abant Mountains (1748 m.), both in the north ARKOTE (1877 m.) and Lake Mountain (1112 m.) d. The southernmost in the first two rows and higher overall Köroğlu Mountains (highest point 2499 m.) Stretches volcanic mountains called. Bolu Mountains in southern extension Seba 1854 m. Juniper Mountains near Mudurnu 1443 m. Play the south peak 1640 m. It is height.
Plains: City Area covering 8% of the overall western plains – extend in an easterly direction. 725 m. Plenty of Plain and 1300 m in elevation. Geremi in the plains are the largest on the Upgrade. Other plains Yeniçağa Plain, Mudurnu Plain and the plain south of Goynuk district Himmetoğlu.
Rivers: Bolu most important rivers Büyüksu Meng Tea, Aladag Tea, Tea Mudurnu, Goynuk water, Çatak and Geremi in the water is tea.
Lakes: the complexity of morphological structures in the region, a majority of the number of streams, elevation differences and factors such as excessive inclination has led to the formation of numerous lakes. Small bowl of the surface area of ​​the basin and has resulted to be a small area of ​​the lake. Abant Lake, Yeniçağa, bar, Sunnah, Seven Lakes, Karagöl Suluklugol Karamurat are the most important lake.
Climate Bol is usually located in the Western Black Sea and the Black Sea type climate. Besides, it is seen in the southwest part of Marmara and Central Anatolia climate types. The average daily sunshine duration of 5 hours 49 minutes, according to the latest data 52 years, annual precipitation is 536 mm. The number of rainy days per year is 137 days.
Vegetation: Bolu forests are the dominant vegetation. 55% of provincial lands are covered with forests. Karadere, Seb and Aladag forests of our country are the rich forest. Dominant tree species are beech, hornbeam, linden, ash, oak, alder, elm, poplar, fir and pine am.
Ankara-Istanbul to Bolu on the highway can only be reached by road.
History: BCE. Plenty, as all the Hittite lands in the 1200s in the hands of the Phrygian. B.C. 6th century Persia took over the region. B.C. 336 in Anatolia defeating the Persians, Alexander the Great conquered a place in the Bolu like. On the death of Alexander the Great in Macedonia collapsed Bolu Bithynians was established. Written documents, according to archeological and historical sources that the rest of the period, the Filyos river Sakarya and settled into the spring migration of people at the end of the Thracians “Bithyni” was known by name. So Northwest Anatolia also found in the chapter “Bithynia” was called. Plenty of Salonica Campus Bithyni called by name by the Romans Plain and the environment, “Claudio Police” as amended. Also the name of plenty “Police” are estimated to skin. Inner city was built on three hills and with outer walls. The remnants of these walls can be seen in the area north of the city of Hisar carpet. After Malazgirt victory in 1071 spread to the west and settled in the Turkmen Section 3 years later. Seljuk Empire commander Artur, tobacco, Danishmend, karate and Saltuk guys that were based on the disposal Istanbul Suleyman Shah limit. Bolu during these raids, was conquered by Horasanlı you Aslahad.

Ottoman invasions of the Bolu region was initiated for the first time by Osman Gazi. Bolu is the conquest of the whole region for the first year of Orhan Gazi period (1324 – 1326) are met. According to another rumor of the Ottoman era, abundant Uluğ – before because of the Scholars “Lots Uluğ” local time “BOL” has been named. Yildirim Bayezid’s the war that began with the death of princes Bolu, was the scene many times. Bolu, as it remains outside the regions where Timur sacked after Ankara War, until the danger is finished, the 2nd founder of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmet Celebi has also been mentioned in the town that hosts the Kızık Plateau. After Mehmet Celebi to ensure the unity of the Ottoman Empire Bolu, he has gained a regular government.

1324 – 1692 years in Bolu, it was a banner principality with 36 accidents. XVI. Plenty century, Prince was one of the second-degree starboard. 2. Bayezid Prince Suleiman (the Magnificent) was appointed here. Plenty Between the years 1683-1792, he managed to Voyvodalıkl. II. During the reign of Mahmud he was converted to mutasarrıflığı. (1811) after the Tanzimat Bolu; Connected Kastamonu province (1864). In 1909, he converted back to mutasarrıflığı.

Mudros, entry into force and the first lawyer in the Bolu region after the occupation of İzmir Rights Society was organized in need. Bolu 1 was not the enemy invasion and after the Second World War but has seen property damage. Plenty to do at the end of the national struggle under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha period, he completed his transfer on 10 October 1923, became sanjak province.
Atatürk and Bolu
Bolu – Mustafa Kemal relations, Erzurum began during the convention. Erzurum on 23 July 1919 and September 4, 1919 the national congress in Sivas, which belongs to texts, the telegram was delivered to Bolu mutasarrıflığı way. Representative led the way-I as President, a lot of instructions from Sivas Governor Ali Haydar Bey, was submitted to the Society for the Defence of Rights. Disconnecting the Damat Ferid Pasha was carried out at the request of the Government of Mustafa Kemal Pasha.
In addition, newspaper and public order related to the sufferer wishes have been announced M. Kemal in Sivas. Akyazı between Adapazari and Bolu during the uprising occurred; Izmit, Adapazari, Düzce and Bolu manager of the attention is often drawn. Governor Ali Haydar – Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the negotiations were continued in 1920. Next Governor Halil Bey Bolu – meticulously maintained and Ankara when losing the relationship.
1921 – In 1922, Bolu – Mustafa Kemal theme was continued again by way of wire negotiations. Located in the newspaper this news Turkoglu is as follows:
“Veteran and marshal titles and ranks conferred on Bolu Youth Union Ambassadors congratulated by the Commander in Chief Mustafa Kemal Pasha, taken in response to a telegram addressed to His Holiness His Holiness honor-varit Müşarünileyh Toamasina by telegram renovation
by BR-vechi-i-i column mefaharet zur included therein shall be:
Bolu Youth Ambassadors to the Union,
Thank you for your congratulations until Samim.
TURKISH GRAND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Chairman and Commander in Chief Mustafa Kemal
District Department
1- Dörtdivan
2- Gerede
3- Goynuk
4- Kibriscik
5- Mengen
6- Mudurnu
7- Seben
8- Yeniçağa
Culture Languages
In our province, spoken and written language with a distinct shape as türkçe’dir.ağız and accent the simple wording: Nic came not from Napier who, becomes, more to the, humidity I örneklendirilebilir.g like the bilmeyonk is used as the weeks and months names in our official calendar. Only Sunday “closed market or association” Monday “Lots of market” is the day.
Known as a place of divine authority in Anatolia Yunus Emre’s poetry it is seen in Conk and the many gathered in and around Bol. Even the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony with chants of Jonah several times yürütülür.meng district Gökçesu our village and township over a new fabric Dolphins Dolphins tomb is a place she visited.
Kemal Umm XVI. Şairdir.h century mystic who lived in the year, on behalf of the Tekke village in Bolu that he had spent a considerable part of his life Sazak Memorial Day traditionally is held.
Epic hero Koroglu xvı.yy last known to have lived in the count of Bolu is one of the names that come to mind. Also played with sword shield Köroğlu game is remarkable sculpture in the town square in the center Köroğlu.
In 1772 the original name of New Age Shahnameh are born in the village of Ibrahim in love sufferer died etmiştir.şa sufferer’s mausoleum in Ankara in 1845, is located in the village of Shahnameh are on the highway Bolu Gerede. Each year the Memorial Day düzenlenmektedir.geredel Figani, Mudurnul Yağcı are sure apprentice.
Am I blows I take it blows
Should I cut my child from you nuts
Three one hand, this hand five
Puppy also springs from Abant
Thorn under the bridge
You laugh at me when I fry oil
Mevlam you get burned
While the three-day point
Hey hey hey hey efeler
Peace be upon me the brain in Bolu
Must sit out the following mountain
Hoarse voice from the pike
Mountains should be addressed whether sea
Hey hey hey hey efeler
I toured a mountain Köroğluy
I sensed the winds tricks
Think I will crush the head with iron ash
Mountains should be addressed whether sea
Hey hey hey hey efeler
The enemy battalion battalion arrived arrays
Black text written on our forehead
The rifle was invented chivalry is broken
Be rusty sword in the scabbard curve
Fixed Expressions
You will not hurt cheeky, the thief would get hungry
Nose mouth close, close abdomen kardaş
Although the mouth of the curve, you say wealthy wife
God separation reviewing four
Let the wicked God baht
Parents unable to make the throne baht
Moved by the buttermilk of Bolu’l recognize feast
Here Bolu, in the machine direction is, to be neck
Very Endel or bald, or blind
Dilma is nice, is it beautiful belle
Bread hand, the water of the lake, the wood abant
Can not beat unobstructed döngel
The house will get extensive hands of the large
Poor man’s döngel not köhnü
Forty-breaking day had died from natural causes is still
To love your friend, she divorced her husband to arrive
Deaths living, they are victims of weapons
Not right in Usak compote
Not under load donkey bray
When the suit does not fit you when you
Let the fruition of God GÖYNÜM
Festivals, Ceremonies, Celebrations
Religious festivals is the Feast of Sacrifice religious three months to kutlanmaktadır.ramaz feast according to the obligations of each house movement begins başlar.dile three months of fasting or cleansing baş are deleted after three days the fifteen month of fasting tutar.şab, the laundry yıkanır.ramaz until preparing the neighbor ladies gather They opened dough. Ramadan the Qur’an is read, go to respond, in every home and widows who are first taken to poor iftar dinner, is caring for the needy. Ramadan icons that have become a fast-breaking ball, a as drums played sahurda Ramadan pide breakfast removed before vardır.iftar, soup, rice, stuffing, meat dishes, compote, dessert, salad yapılır.çok ancient Ramadan Karagöz plays the outside, from acrobats and puppets anlatılmaktadır.kandil bite is very much in demand in the pulp in the dağıtılır.sahur keşli walnut pasta are eaten.
Friday ox does not condition, housework is not done. Not started a new handmade Tuesday, Tuesday sway. Crops are not planted at the beginning of the month. When female patients does not lead to chest, hands worth pickles, pickled baby was not going to see the emergence of bozulur.kırk becomes infant jaundice. No wedding between the two holidays. The prayers are held sun, moon held weapons discarded. The black cat is considered bad luck. Dogs howl tireless charity. Placing the chimney of a house owl and crow signify that he has come home dead. If starting ribbed sweater is not left unfinished business grow. A sign that the bird crap on the luck turned. You do not throw garbage out the night, gin ç of gum is not chewed, chewed dead meat. Uninhabitable to the doorway, to be beneficial not want to slander uğrarsın.kız gidilirken worn the right shoes preferred by edilir.ön Thursday.
PART ABOUT unknowns
Sultan Mehmet II of the Ottoman period. Murat on his behalf in Bolu dough (money) is pressed. On the other side, on one side of the money Tuğra `Duribe Bolu was written.
– In Bolu Bolu Akkaya travertine and it is the only example of this structure in the Western Black Sea Bölgesin’n.

– Governorate has made the transfer from the Department of princes Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.
– Seben County 14 km. south, in the village Kezenöz `Pavlu` Springs stomach, gallbladder, is known to have positive effects on the respiratory and circulatory disorders.

– Mudurnu of handwriting works and set the first name in the history of the district is Moderna` `Niven.

– Hundred Ninety Lake is situated close to the new age of Bird Species.

– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Bolu first time she came in July 17, 1934. Prior to this date has never come. When Atatürk in Ankara Bolu came before görmeliydim` Bolu’yu `he said.

– Abant Mountains and the Seven Lakes Region due to the presence of a rich wildlife has been declared as `Wild Animals Sahası` Development.

– Aladdin Scout Camp Pond with Beşpınar they outskirts of our country and the only self-esteem enhancement and sports center `There’s Kamping` Mountra.

– Mudurnu`Y 5 km. from which `Kaplıca`S of his father has positive effects on metabolic disorders and mild diabetes.

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