Ways to prevent osteoporosis is to prevent passage of a strong bone formation and bone loss of life (and plenty of regular exercise, calcium intake). What if the bones are so strong that osteoporosis is less likely to occur. If you have osteoporosis, your family, so if you have a genetic risk of developing osteoporosis may prevent osteoporosis as with smart lifestyle choices or slow osteoporosis. Thirty years ago, you can take steps to make much bone mass as possible. This is your life can help slow the rate of bone loss in later years (increasing uptake of calcium, smoking, alcohol and take more exercise regularly will keep your weight). Very poor can lead to bone loss. Your doctor may give risk of osteoporosis or other drugs hormone therapy after menopause is higher.

Increase Calcium Intake

Calcium intake not only bone density, it also affects other functions of the body. The contraction of muscles, your body to your heart’s shock and blood clotting normally must maintain a certain level of calcium in your blood. This function returns blood from the body by pulling calcium to keep bones normal blood levels of calcium intake is insufficient to maintain the body. You need calcium sex depends on your age and your risk of osteoporosis. Most adults foods and / or calcium supplementation needs from 1000 to 1500 mg of calcium per day. Unfortunately, it takes about half of the daily needs of most people diet. Adequate calcium intake is especially important if you are a woman under 30 years of age. Because your body can store still easily suck the bone. Experts suggest that young people and pregnant or lactating women received 1500 mg of calcium per day. You get older, your body can not store it until the bone easily and effectively absorbs calcium from the intestines. Daily calcium intake of 1500 mg extract, fifty years later is an important way to resolve this deficiency. It is important to get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D increases the amount of calcium absorbed in your intestines. When exposed to sunlight, vitamin D your body produces. Foods rich in vitamin D liver, cod liver oil and fortified with vitamin D are milk.

Calcium Source Foods

Food is the best natural source of calcium. You can increase the amount of calcium in your diet, taking more milk products. Milk, cheese and yogurt, the more calcium there is a glass that is about 300 mg dairy calcium in your daily calcium need about one in four. To add fat and calories to your diet, buy skim or low-fat dairy products. Because these products provide the same amount of calcium. Green leafy vegetables and other foods with high calcium, mussels, sardines, oysters and almonds are. Orange juice, foods like bread can be enhanced with calcium.

Calcium Source Contribution

If you do not like or eat dairy products, calcium-doped calcium can not get food can compensate. The additive amount of calcium contained in the calcium is very different. Calcium carbonate provides the highest levels of calcium. If you receive a contribution, taken together with calcium and must eat six to eight glasses of water a day. Some have high amounts of calcium and iron in the contributions that are potentially dangerous to pregnant and lactating women. Consult your doctor about what’s contribution as appropriate.

Do not smoke

Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers risk of fracture. Because smoking reduces bone mass. Typically, 2 to 5 kg less weight than those who smoke and drink prune puts them at even greater risk. Smoker menopause starts earlier in women, and lowers estrogen levels in women who smoke. Both of these factors increase the risk of osteoporosis. These as well as smoking can eliminate the benefits of estrogen therapy.

Very Alcohol Alma

Alcohol consumption is much greater risk of developing osteoporosis because people have less bone mass. They lose bone mass faster. This bone loss may be a direct consequence of the effect of the alcohol to the bone. Also increases the likelihood of fall break to drink a lot of alcohol. If you drink alcohol, you should drink more than two glasses of alcohol a day to keep bones healthy.


Focusing your bones or exercise increase the gravitational force on them (weight training) may help maintain bone mass. Daily activities and changes in force and pressure occurring during exercise causes an increase of the mass of bone. When you move your body against the force of gravity when you do exercises to strengthen your muscles and bones are much stronger reaction to this kind of data movement. Some exercises to strengthen your bones and protects your weight aerobics, dancing, skiing, tennis and walking. Experts do not know exactly how much exercise you should do to prevent the loss of bone mass. Because most bone health is not related to the exercise guidelines on heart health. 3-4 times a week is a reasonable goal to do 30 minutes of exercise. You can exercise for 10-15 minutes at a time if you do not want to do them all at once. If you are not physically active or one of the following conditions, consult your doctor if you start an exercise program applies to you. Osteoporosis or fracture history, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol or heart disease, a family history of, after making or doing the exercises in the chest, neck, pain or pressure sensation in the shoulder or arm, light-headedness or severe breathing after exercise stenosis, diabetes.

Received estrogen

Ovary after menopause, women lose bone mass produce precise hormone estrogen. These hormones which control the menstrual cycle helps bones maintain calcium and maintain bone mass. Estrogen intake may increase your risk of breast and ovarian cancer. So if you take estrogen, you must be in constant contact with your doctor. If any of the following factors should not take estrogen at you.

Family or yourself in the breast or cervical cancer if
If you have a disease associated with blood clotting (thrombosis, embolism)
Try not to fall

Break your fall when you are older increases the likelihood of a location. This is likely to increase due to the loss of the ability to move easily with age, decreased vision, dizziness may be caused by disease or drugs. Even a minor fall can break a bone weakened by osteoporosis. The risk of falling; exercising regularly and sturdy, low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles can reduce wearing. Regular eye examinations and vision to be when you need to wear glasses or lenses can increase your ability. If you are taking any medicines that may cause drowsiness, consult your doctor. Make your home a safer place and to reduce the chance of falling is recommended that you do the following.


Corridors, staircases and rooms well lit.
Corridors, bathrooms and plug the night light in the bedroom
Keep a flashlight beside your bed and use you up at night

Do not use non-fixed carpet, if you need to use careful not to slip in gold

Ensure that all edges of the carpet secured
Use the scroll polish on the ground
Keep out of the heavily used electric cables
Please note that your grandson to toys falling over your foot as possible and take measures in this direction

Stairs to the upper and lower head switch installed by
, Cover with wrapping materials of stairs
Copyright sturdy handrails and use

Copyright tub next to the toilet and shower handles
Use an adhesive or rubber soles to prevent slipping in the tub

Make sure that the commonly used materials easily accessible
Use a sturdy ladder to access the material on the top shelf

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