Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

The plant is a massage applied using massage oils prepared from the mixture of the extract obtained edilmimş. This massage the attention, it is the low light of the pace and intensity of movement. Relaxing is a relaxant and has a relaxing effect. The resulting effect of the massage as well as the contact with the chemical properties of the oil is applied. Difference obtained for purposes oils and massage oils is carried out by mixing in certain ratios.

France’s famous All our certified organic care products and herbal aromatherapy essential oils with brand Florena but Aromatherapie products are used.

With kernel oil (essential oils) made massage, heat the skin surface and more dense muscle, joint pain and poor circulation disorders would be very helpful. Pleasant scent of aromatic kernel oil, also induced a profound effect on emotional and physical distress. With kernel oil can be relieved breath, people can feel better and calm down and slow down. Aromatherapy, provide maximum healing properties of massage. Our brain is stimulated consistently good direction with the different signals from different sources, such as smell and touch. People look at it and relax with a sense of self-pampering, the rest finds purification and balance.

Approximately 60 minutes.

This massage oil made with herbs and flowers as well as being used to nourish the skin and the healing properties of the odor. A classic massage techniques with oils put on the entire body can be preselected. Mental and physical fatigue, rosemary extract, eucalyptus oil is a good future for sinusitis and colds and upper airways.

Aromatherapy is the practice method of therapy with vegetable aroma oils. Oils used in aromatherapy, the roots of plants, flowers, leaves, etc. pure essential oils are obtained from the section.

Aromatherapy is a treatment method based on very old. India and China we can see the roots of civilization. Egyptians used mummification and the rituals of the flavoring oils. Aromatherapy is then passed from Egypt to the Greek civilization, and from there spread to the whole world.

In ancient times it was a preventive medicine aromatherapy system. But in the global pharmaceutical industry began and ready cheap drug obtained, which is laborious and aromatherapy essential once this process has gone off the agenda.

Doctors at the beginning of our century French chemist Gattefosse during an experiment in his laboratory burned his hand by accident (with gas lamp), it was quickly realized that improve the hand held bottle of lavender oil spill in. Later, his research results in oils, a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial, healing, has determined that the impact of rapid cell renewal. In addition, the flavor oil has reached the lymph system and the bloodstream with the help of intracellular fluid (extra cellular fluid) has proven to improve the way. Another French, Ph.D. Madame Maury Jean VALNET and experts who are among the best research on this subject. Dr. Jean VALNET, aromatherapy in the Second World War, has been widely used for treating wounds and heal quickly. Madame Maury said that if a biochemist, has spread to the cosmetic and rejuvenation therapy. Today, in Europe, this method gained popularity, especially in Britain and France, the time has already become a way of life.

Aromatherapy, benefiting from the chemical structure of vegetable oil and energy and self massage, inhalation (mist), compress, comprising administering to the bathroom and the other way is a natural therapy that supports health and beauty. Vegetable essential oils, aromatic plants oils from steam-concentrate obtained by distillation. This is in contrast to other commonly used essential oils in everyday body fat, very easily absorbed by the skin, which is very powerful effect and oils should be used with caution.

Aromatherapy Expert application with the physiological problems should provide support for the solution of both stress-related emotional problems. Aromatherapy body and mind as a whole -holistik- and evaluating integrative approach. Today, especially among the methods of supportive therapy is recognized as an important part of aromatherapy.

Preventive health care is generally known that the resistance to strengthen the body to protect against the disease. You do not need to have a very specific complaint to benefit from aromatherapy. In today’s stressful lifestyle by getting rid of a healthy spirit, you can also benefit from aromatherapy to have the physical and mental strength.

Each herbal extract oil has certain specific function. Some essential oils relaxes, invigorates also by some toxins. Aromatherapy massage combines the healing properties of essential oils with a relaxing effect. Herbal essential oils, including facial and body hair is applied to all the different massage techniques.

Aromatherapy, including the following, which is good in a lot of distress.

Muscle, Bone and Joint Problems

Low back pain
Joint inflammations / rheumatism
Sports injuries, muscle and joint disorders (sprains, strains, etc.).
Stress Induced Problems

Stress, anxiety, restlessness, anxiety, tension, insomnia
Skin complaints, (skin itching and rashes, eczema and so on.)
Headache / migraine
Women’s Health

Menstrual difficulties (painful menstrual pain, excessive bleeding, cut the menstrual etc.).
PMS (pre-menstrual tension, bloating, irritability and so on.)
Problems associated with menopause (sweating caused by sudden hormonal changes, anxiety, tension, bloating etc.).
Distress in Pregnancy

Inability to relax
Low back pain
Swelling in the legs
Other Disorders

Respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc.).
Circulation problems (blood pressure, dizziness, etc.).
Digestive problems (constipation, indigestion and so on.)
Ear, nose and throat (sinusitis, ear pain, etc.).
Cellulite and weight problems

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